Green Cleaning Schools

Clean and safe indoor educational environments are crucial elements of a healthy school.

Green Cleaning in Schools

Schools, parents, teachers, admin staff and students now demand safer, greener cleaners.

With Enviro-Solutions® we simplify things:

  • Safer for all People Greater quantity and quality of resources to help better develop your team.
  • Products That Work Proven to work as well as - or better than - traditional products.
  • Offer One Stop Shopping Our full complete program features 70+ Green products and over 300+ SKU’s, 40 certified by EcoLogo. The broadest line on the market.
  • Put Experts On Your Side For over 20 years, we’ve specializing in Green. Our specialization provides you with a proven competitive advantage.

Simplified Programs to solve real challenges:

ES72/ES64H Hydrogen Peroxide Program

Two Simple, Concentrated Products, ES72/ ES64H

  • Cleans & Disinfects approx. 95% of an Entire Facility

Addresses the Challenges of an Education Facility supporting:

  • Hard Surface Cleaning, Hard Floor Care, Soft Floor Care, Restroom Cleaning, Cafeteria & Kitchen Cleaning


Long Standing Custodial Challenges

  • Doing More with Less
  • Fewer Resources.
  • Less Money, Budgetary Restraints
  • Less Time
  • Increased Responsibilities
  • Faster Pace of Life in General

More Recent Custodial Challenges

  • Improving Employee Wellness
  • Avoiding Liability, Slip & Fall Incidents
  • Social Media “Instant” Complaints
  • Average Age of Workforce Increasing
  • Resistance to Change / Pioneer / Adapt

Education Sector RECENT Challenges

  • Average Age of Their Schools, Buildings
  • General / Poor Condition of These Buildings
  • There is An Increased Cost To Maintain Older Buildings;
  • Plumbing & Clogged Drains; (enzymes,screens)
  • Flooring Issues; Handling Asbestos, Slip & Fall, Lose Titles (deep stripping c/w deep scrubbing)
  • Washrooms & Change Rooms; (Odour Management), Cleaning Fixtures (Hard Water Stains, Rust)
  • Can You Assist Them with These Challenges
  • Revise Your Sales Approach to Achieve