Bio-Enzymatic Cleaners
ES 100 Bio-Active Odor Eliminator for Washrooms
Specially formulated to eliminate malodors in washrooms. Eliminates bad odors of urine and excrements at the source.
ES 120 Bio-Active Air Freshener
A highly effective product to be used throughout the facility for the control of a variety of malodors.
ES 920C Bio-Active Washroom Cleaner
Cleans deeply and quickly all washroom surfaces such as floors, counters, walls, and other hard surfaces.
ES 230 Bio-Cleaning & Deodorizing Urinal Blocks
Unique formula that cleans, de-scales and eliminates odors. Gradually disperses bacteria culture.
ES 680C Bio-Active Super Floor Degreaser
A liquid product specially formulated to digest oils, grease and other dirt on the floors in kitchens/cooking areas, cafeterias, etc.
ES 200 Bio-Active Treatment for Drains and Drain Lines
Formulated for the treatment of drains and drain lines in restaurants and commercial establishments.