Washroom Care & Odor Control
ES48 Luxury Foaming Hand Soap
Luxurious Feel with a Fresh Pear Scent. A rich and creamy, easy rinsing foaming hand soap.
ES49 Foaming Hand Soap
A rich and creamy, easy rinsing, light kiwi scent foaming hand and body soap.
ES 50 Deodorant Lotion Soap
Use wherever a high quality hand, face or body deodorant lotion soap is required.
ES51 Washroom Cleaner
An effective formulation to clean and Envirocide urinals, toilets, and other washroom surfaces.
ES53 Cream Cleanser
A smooth, clinging cleaner that removes soap scum, body fats, grease and hard water salts from tubs, tiles and toilet bowls.
ES54+ Grout Cleaner
A grout cleaner designed for Kitchens, Bathroom, Tile, etc. Designed for Spray on and Wipe off use.
ES920CS Bio-Active Washroom Cleaner
Cleans deeply and quickly all washroom surfaces such as floors, counters, walls, and other hard surfaces.
ES230 Bio-Cleaning & Deodorizing Urinal Blocks
Unique formula that cleans, de-scales and eliminates odors. Gradually disperses bacteria culture.
ES 56 Like Acid Washroom Cleaner
A safe powerful cleaner that cuts through scale, rust, and stains without the use of harsh acids, harmful fumes or vapors.
ES 57 Lime Remover and Descaler
Non-corrosive lime, calcium and rust remover and de-scaler.
ES 58 Enviro-Solutions Envirocide Odor Eliminator
Features Envirocide, a unique blend of essential oils selected to absorb, combine and neutralize odors.
ES 93+ Encapsulation Cleaner
An encapsulation & third generation dehydration phase cleaning technology that encapsulates soil to efficiently and effectively clean.
ES 100 Bio-Active Odor Eliminator for Washrooms
Specially formulated to eliminate malodors in washrooms. Eliminates bad odors of urine and excrements at the source.
ES 120 Bio-Active Air Freshener
A highly effective product to be used throughout the facility for the control of a variety of malodors.