ServClean® USA

Complete Cleaning Solutions for Commercial Kitchens


A concentrated hydrogen peroxide multi-purpose biodegradable cleaner
For Restaurant, Bar and Kitchen Use
Degrease Bio-Enzymatic Cleaner & Degreaser
Bio-Enzymatic Cleaner & Degreaser
Degrease-AP Cleaner & Degreaser
All Purpose Cleaner & Degreaser

Specialized Cleaning Tasks

Foam DG
Penetrating Foam Degreaser
Oven, Griddle & Hood Cleaner
Bio-Enzymatic Drain Maintainer
Foodhandlers' Foaming Hand Soap
Dish HD
Heavy Duty Dish Detergent
Protect Stainless Steel, Wood & Rubber Cleaner & Polish
A fast-drying spray & wipe cleaner and protectorant for multiple surfaces.
Descale Acid Descaler
Descaler for use to remove calcium, lime and iron build-up from a variety of surfaces.


A premium, concentrated mechanical detergent
ServClean Rinse
Neutral pH liquid additive
Soft Metal
A premium, concentrated aluminum safe mechanical detergent formulated for soft metal utensils
Liquid Silver Soak
A premium, concentrated liquid designed to pre-soak silverware and stainless steel utensils
Chlorine Sanitizer
For use in low temperature dish machines, in conjunction with ServClean® Detergent


ServClean Green Laundry Detergent
A highly concentrated, enzymatic, environmentally responsible laundry detergent
Green Oxygen Destainer
For colour safe applications or where chlorine bleach is not acceptable
ServClean Chlorine Destainer
Excellent bleaching agent used to whiten clothes and remove stains
ServClean Alkali Booster Plus
Designed to enhance the performance of liquid and powder detergents
ServClean Softener
Leaves a soft finish and fresh scent for commercial laundry applications
ServClean Rust Removing Sour
Neutralizes alkalinity to optimum pH levels in commercial laundry applications